Massage Therapy

We offer massage therapy services in 30, 60, and 90-minute increments. Our massage therapist works with your specific needs to customize a massage that delivers the most relaxation and therapeutic benefit. 

Swedish/American 60-Minute $65     30-Minute $45

This classic massage is designed for pure relaxation. Long soothing strokes reduce tension and bring the body back into balance

Deep Tissue 60-Minute $85    30-Minute $60

Deep tissue is recommended for severly tense muscles. Your therapist will help release tension and pressure in the muscle. It can be uncomfortable at times, but is the best choice if you seek serious therapeutic massage.

Pregnancy Massage 60-Minute $85

Ideal for the tension and stress that the body endures during pregnancy. This relaxing massage will ease muscle aches and pains making your journey to n\motherhood more enjoyable.

Reflexology 30-Minute $55

This ancient body healing technique has been used to sooth and improve health for centuries. Trigger point therap on specific parts of the feet correspond to organs and parts of the body