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  • Achieve Anti-Aging Results without Irritating Skin

  • Reduce Redness

  • Sooth Skin

*Medi-Facial   *Coconut Enzyme   *Raspberry Peach Enzyme

Having sensitive skin doesn't mean you need to avoid results driven skincare. Our rosacea/sensitive skin facials use gentle treatment specifically formulated for sensitive skin. 

Medi-Facial Membership

The Osmosis Medi-Facial delivers unparalled results. Pattened delivery system corrects damage at the source and feeds the skin with vitamins and nutrients. Ideal for Rosacea. Works best when combined with an Osmsosis homecare regime. Safe to go in the sun immediately. 

Boot Camp Membership

Our original membership program designed to treat uneven skin tone, fine lines, and scarring. Resuts proven combination of facials with peels, enzymes, and microdermabrasion. Can be customized for sensitive skin.

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