Don’ Forget Your Neck…No One Else Will

When I was a kid there was an infomercial for a skincare line created by Victoria Principal. She made the very bold move, and as a fifth grader I completely believed in her boldness, to remove her makeup on camera and give us viewers a look at her skincare routine.

The one thing that stuck in my mind was the point in the infomercial when she started to go into her routine and in the complete wisdom of an evening soap opera star said “Don’t forget your neck, no one else will.”

Little did I know Victoria would be teaching me one of the best anti-aging lessons that I would pass on to clients to this day. “Don’t forget your neck-no one else will.”

The skin on our neck is thin and prone to wrinkles and sagging. It is exposed to the sun and free radical just as much as the skin on our face and deserves the same attention and protection.

Get into the routine of bringing your products down your neck including SPF. We are now offering a firming neck treatment to compliment your home care.

And really who wouldn't listen to skincare advice from this foxy lady :)

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