Get that Ganster Glow

When I was a kid I was obsessed with an informercial where the actress (Victoria Principal to be exact) said, while applying her skincare, "Don't forget your neck because no one else will."

Now I am obsessed with achieving glowing skin. Or as the creator of one of the high tech modalities we use in this facial calls it- a Gangster Glow. So I thought lets combine both Glowing Skin and an Anti-Aging Neck treatment...... Vwalah the Essential Facial

We are excited to introduce our new Essential Facial. This brand new (like your skin is going to feel) Anti-Aging, Skin Hydrating, Glow Inspiring facial uses LED and Ultrasonic Technology. We focus on your face AND neck in this service AND to make it an even bigger skin treat we included the popular anti-aging collagen eye treatment.

We will be offering this facial in June. Pre-purchase now for $50. The price goes up to $75 after May so pre-buy yours now. You can stop in or purchase over the phone.

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