Face the Future with Great Skin

Now that your grad is moving on to bigger and better things why not get them on the road to great skin. One of the biggest things I stress to my clients under 25 is the importance of taking care of their skin now so they don’t wake up “one day” with damage as the result of years of bad habits. Or starting the correct routine later rather than now. I cannot tell you how many clients have told me “I just woke up with this one day.”

Yes you woke up with it one day BUT it’s the result of years of not washing your face before bed,

skipping sunscreen, and waiting too long to use preventive products. Learning simple skincare tips and making them a habit is the best thing a recent grad can do for their skin’s bright future.

We created the Glow Getter membership at an affordable price of $39 per month as the perfect way for recent grads to get a jump start on their skincare routine. It is a monthly no-commitment membership that is only available for new members through the end of July. Your face is going to represent you for a very ling time-invest in it now.

Come on grad-Let’s Get Glowing

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