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At Skin Essentials we provide skin nourishing facials that deliver results while you blissfully relax. Our skincare experts understand concerns and know how to get your skin glowing. 

Exclusive Facial $130

In this facial we provide all the skin enhancing treatments your skin needs for superior results. Arm, neck, and shoulder massage included in this facial that brings out skin's radiant glow.

Mini Lift & Glow $135

If you're looking for lift and tone while attaining maximum glow this facial is for you. We curated the perfect microcurant and hydroderm facial that address concerns, provide ultimate relaxation, and nourishes you from the inside out

Hydroderm Facial $150

This facial provides ultimate glow and hydration. Your skin will be renewed and refreshed with the hydrodermabrasion and infusion treatment. Includes deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliating enzyme, extractions, LED therapy, mask and massage. Your skin will be bathed in hydration and glow beautifully.

*can be combined with microcurrent for our specialty Lift & Glow results additional $50

Microcurrent works with the natural energy in your body resulting in the immediate firming and tightening of the skin. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, anti-aging fascia release massage, LED therapy, mask and massage.

*Can be combined with Hydrodermabrasion for our specialty Lift & Glow results additional $50

Microcurrent Facial $150

Signature $95

In this soothing facial you will receive two skin enhancing treatments based on your skincare needs. Perfect for skin rejuvenation and relaxation.

Membership Facials

Ageless Facial

Members receive a relaxing 45-minute facial designed to lift tone the tighten and hydrated the skin

*This facial is only available for Ageless  members

SkinFit Facial

Members receive a relaxing 30-minute facial with two skin enhancing upgrades as part of their SkinFit membership program.

*This facial is only available for SkinFit members

Skin Enhancements

Enzyme- Fruit based exfoliant that dissolves build up and replenishes the skin with nutrients targeted at achieving results

Microdermabrasion-Resurfacing technique that reveals fresh new skin

LED Rejuvenation- Power packed combo of skin rejuvenating techniques including LED Light Therapy and Ultrasonic Vibrations

Eye Rejuvenation- Awaken Tired Eyes, Reduce Puffiness, and eliminate dark circles with a relaxing microcurrant service


Facial Cupping- cupping is a soothing relaxing technique used to tighten and brighten the skin.

Waxing Services




Full Face......$45




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