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We are all about Essential Oils

You may have noticed a few posts about essential oils. (Okay a lot of posts about essential oils.) Initially we brought them into the spa as an aromatherapy upgrade. Now we diffuse them giving you the chance to enjoy them even if you don't add them to a service. Since then I have learned so much about these powerful oils that I can't help but to share with everyone. We have started having regular classes and you can also purchase them for home use through

Essential oils are natural oils found in many different plants. The benefits of these oils have been used for thousands of years (that's not an exaggeration in fact you might remember three very wise men and great gift givers delivering frankincense and myrrh). The modern day use of Essential Oils combines traditional wisdom with scientific research to provide natural wellness solutions. These gifts from the earth can be used aromatically, topically, and internally (you must read the label before you try and ingest anything to ensure it is safe!) Want to more about essential oils? Join our essential oil FB group for tips, ideas, DIY and much more.

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