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Cleanse Correct Moisturize Protect

Cleanse Correct Moisturizer Protect

Cleanse- the right cleanser can make a significant difference on your skin. Whether you are looking to unclog pores or for a gentle soothing cleanse that wont irritate sensitive skin, there is a cleanser perfect for you. Correct-The proper correction treatment will vary based on your desired results. Some products lighten and brighten while others sooth and protect. Moisturize-Moisturizing the skin is important for every skin type including oily. Often skin will produce more oil because it's dehydrated as a result of lack of moisture. There is an ideal moisturizer for every skin type.

Skin Care Myth "I don't use moisturizer because it makes me oily."

Fact: Moisturizer does not create oil sebaceous glands do. When the skin is dehydrated sebaceous glands can go into overdrive creating more oil.

Protect- Wear SPF every day.

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