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How do I know If My Skincare is Working

How do I know if my skincare is working?

My best esthetician answer in the form of a tiny quiz.

1. Are you using the products as recommended? (Yes No)

The truth is if you're not using the products as recommended they probably aren't working.

2. Are your products recommended by a professional who took the time to analyze your skin correctly? (Yes No)

Suppose you haven't had your skin assessed by a professional and are playing the skincare guessing game. Following an influencer on Instagram or an ad on Amazon is a game of roulette I don't think anyone should roll the dice on. This is your face we're talking about!

3. Are you giving the products a chance to work? (Yes No)

We find that many clients get pulled into the buy and try cycle. This is where you buy a product, try it for a week and get bored when you don't see a significant wow result immediately. Then you buy something new the next time you're shopping. **You spend/waste a lot of money when you become a victim of this cycle.

Truth-Changes in the skin take time and you need to give your products a least a month of consistent usage to start to see change because that is the bare minimum of time it takes for skin cells to reach the outer most layer of skin,

The most gorgeous skin we see is of those who find a product designed to help their specific skincare concern and stick with it for an extended period.

I hope this helps you on your look and feel beautiful journey. Reach out and let us know if there is anything we can help you with concerning your current and future skincare.

PS: We're always available to give you a comprehensive skin analysis to recommend the best product for your concerns. Book an appointment today.


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